Unique Tables

I have learned many things over the decades I have spent making art and furniture out of natural materials. Among the most important things I have learned is that because each piece is going to be incorporated into a living space, it has to fit with the aesthetic and dimensions of that space in a way that is pleasing to its owner.

That is why my portfolio has dozens and dozens of versions of coffee tables, cocktail tables, dining room tables and incidental tables. While I make many pieces that can fit easily into a large variety of spaces, I also love to make furniture designed for specific spaces, uses and people.

What I bring to each individual design is my deep respect and appreciation for the character and beauty of the wood selected for each table top, as well as the fabrication of the legs that support them. In addition to wood legs, either straight or bent, I often make custom-designed metal supports that blend with the table top.

Solving the puzzle of how best to fit a piece into a floor plan, and into the customer’s lifestyle, is a challenge I particularly enjoy. There is nothing more rewarding than creating a beautiful piece of furniture that exceeds the expectations of my customers and becomes a much loved addition to their home.

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