Buffet TABLEs

The Floating Buffet Table Top

Buffet Table

The original inspiration for my floating table top design came from Japan. I have an affinity for Japanese design principles of simple, elegant, furniture that focuses on the inherent beauty of the materials used.

Similar to the Japanese aesthetic, I always highlight the natural form of the materials in my furniture designs. Rather than using predetermined measurements and shapes, my pieces follow the unique irregularities and asymmetries found in each piece of raw wood.

The traditional Japanese floating furniture element is a powerful means for elevating and isolating the wooden table top itself, drawing attention to the sculptural quality of each finely finished surface of the wood. To create this effect, an arched piece of wood is discretely attached below the table top.

Arched wooden supports in furniture have always had a fascination for me, and are very much a part of my aesthetic. They create an illusion of fragility, when in fact, these arches provide additional strength and draw the eye along the length of the furniture.

The arched piece of wood supporting the floating buffet table top matches the arch below that connects and reinforces the legs of the table. The arches mirror the color, length and bend of each other, adding a peaceful symmetry that accentuates the subtle beauty of the piece.

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