About Me

Hi, my name is Larry Benjamin.

MVC-359Fhead-shotI came to woodworking after years of working as a product developer and teacher in the tech world. As I matured, I found working with my hands as well as my mind an interesting development. I began looking at furniture and art as puzzles. Why that shape, and size? Why that material? How was it assembled? As I endeavored to answer these questions, I found myself wondering would I do it differently? While I stood on the shoulders of giants like Nakishima and Maloof I saw the opportunity for my individual expression in wood and metal, to make things of beauty and function that might survive me. I have the great opportunity to start my process by working with the trees themselves. Always harvested by nature, as they are opened on the mill, they reveal beauty in patterns and colors that have never before been seen. From that moment on, in the passage from raw material to object, I believe that If I start with a beautiful piece of wood, and just don’t mess it up, I’ve done my job as a woodworker. On this site, and if we get to meet in person, I offer a view into my world of wood. I hope you enjoy it.

Sit in a piece of history